How to configure MetaMask with the OKExChain MainNet

“Metamask is an extension or plug-in for web browsers that allows users to easily with DApps on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is possible, because Metamask acts as a bridge between DApps and web browsers, facilitating their use and enjoyment” (Academy bit2me)

Configure the main network of the OKExChain in Metamask, it is necessary to add the network and send the funds from the exchange to Metamask.

To add a new network, the following steps must be followed. Click on the Metamask account icon> Some options will be displayed, click on settings> Choose networks and add a new network.

Fill in the following data in the required fields in Metamask

Configure Metamask for OKExChain Mainnet

Network name: OKExChain Mainnet

  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 66
  • Currency symbol: OKT
  • Block Explorer URL:

Click on “SAVE” and the network will be saved successfully, please select the network, for any interaction you need OKT, which can be purchased at and respectively. The OEC mainnet wallet address will be the same as TestNet and other networks like Ethereum, BSC, etc.

We recommend other Wallets to use PandaSwap such as Token Pocket, Onto Wallet, OKEx Wallet, etc.

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PandaSwap on OKExChain Team

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